From the headquarters of the press agency EFE to a residential building: The project is based on this change of use and entails the complete renovation of its envelope, the use of ventilated façades and an exterior finish of natural stone.

The project involves a change of use, from the old headquarters of the press agency EFE to a residential building.

Given the excellent location of the property and its unique characteristics, a housing project is planned with very high technical and architectural quality standards and a large endowment of public areas and parking spaces.

The project involves the complete renovation of the envelopes, with ventilated facades of maximum thermal and acoustic capabilities, with the exterior finish of natural stone combined with metallic and solar protection elements.

The extensive interior space allows for large patios facing south for predominantly family homes, as opposed to the smaller units facing the street, with a more urban focus.

Special importance has been given to the design of the common areas, both exterior, with green areas and a swimming pool, as well as interior, in which community halls, restaurants, a cinema, etc. are planned.

In addition, the roof area is made available for the enjoyment of the homes on the top floor, where pools are available for private use.


localizacion Madrid - Spain
cliente ARCANO
extension 15.933 m2
coste 9,023,131 €
fecha 2015-2021