April 12, 2024 6:38 pm

Carlos Lamela, in Valencia’s Urban Planning Advisory Council

Carlos Lamela is one of the members of the newly established Urban Planning Advisory Council of the city of Valencia.

This new entity will be chaired by Mayor María José Catalá Verdet and will provide guidance “on matters of urban and territorial planning, urban and architectural design, and execution of different public space performances that, due to their special importance, are proposed.”

The Council will be made up of architects of renowned prestige – both nationally, internationally, and locally – and municipal employees, who will assess activities that “are of special importance and relevance due to urban significance, social and environmental impact or cultural, emblematic, and heritage relevance to the environment in which they are located.”

Along with Carlos Lamela, José María Ezquiaga, Marina Sender, Alejandro Escribano, and Fran Silvestre will be part of the committee.


Carlos Lamela, in Valencia’s Urban Planning Advisory Council