This is an intervention in one of the largest blocks in Madrid’s central Chamberí neighborhood where a large interior space has been cleared and that’s been integrated with a large courtyard, recovering the original idea of ​​the urban planning of this area of​​the city.

The whole plot was occupied by a building that was shorter than the rest in its surroundings, which had apartments accessed from porticos and a large indoor parking bay. The reformation replaced the existing building with a new and taller one aligned with the rest of the buildings on Calle Bretón de los Herreros, freeing up the space in the interior courtyard to accommodate a garden with a large swimming pool and a paddle tennis court.

The new architecture adapts to the geometry of the adjoining buildings, with a modern expression in its materials, arrangement, and fenestration size. The façade is integrated into the environment, fluent with the neighboring façades by following the same compositional rhythm.

The building above ground level also adapts, according to the number of floors and height, to its neighboring buildings (a ground floor plus six floors), where the top floor is set back as an attic. For commercial premises, the ground floor is higher than the rest, allowing for a mezzanine and four duplex-type homes – with three bedrooms and double-height living spaces – with access to an outdoor garden.

The penthouses are duplexes and triplexes with private pools on the top floor.

Two basements are laid out on almost the entire plot for residential parking, storage rooms, and facilities.

A special feature of this development is that the apartments have corner windows that can be opened such that one of them can be embedded in the wall and the other in its adjoining window, thus transforming the corner into an open-air terrace. Likewise, the ground floors are protected with slats that can be operated and become canopies, leaving the houses completely open.


localizacion Madrid - Spain
cliente Promotora “Proyecto Inmobiliario AKM III”
extension 10.368 m2
coste 6,732,777 €
fecha 2017