The project is designed by two elegant buildings located on Arturo Soria Street in Madrid. The construction communicates modernity and cleanliness from the use of prefabricated white concrete blocks or natural stone. The result is 14 apartments, seven per building, which enjoy spacious outdoor areas.

Situated on Calle Arturio Soria, in Madrid’s Ciudad Lineal district, two elegant buildings have been designed that give off a modern and clean image using prefabricated white concrete blocks, natural stone, and large pergola-protected windows.

The landscaped development perfectly integrates with its surroundings, characterized by green areas of assembled greenery and large trees.

Due to the plot’s elongated geometry, two separate buildings have been proposed, offset from the plot’s edge. The layout thus frees up garden space between the buildings that grants space for a residential swimming pool.

Each building has four floors of two apartments, except the ground floor which houses only one apartment and a wide arcade oriented towards the common free zone that gives access to the main entry of each building.

The 14 apartments, seven per building, all have two bedrooms and spacious outdoor areas, be it the private terraces or the common garden on the ground floor. Additionally, the form and arrangement of the blocks make it so that all apartments have three orientations, with the preferred South granted to the living rooms and terraces.

Each apartment consists of a foyer, a kitchen connected to the living room, a bathroom and two bedrooms. Also, each apartment comes with two parking spaces, 28 in total, and a storage room.


localizacion Madrid-Spain
cliente AKM Inversiones Inmobiliarias
extension 1.997 m2
coste 1,800,000 €
fecha 2018-2020