The project is based on the demolition of the existing buildings belonging to the “Colonia Banesto” that were originally intended for their former employees.

These homes, mostly small, were built between the late 1950s and early 1960s and are mostly unoccupied and in a poor state of conservation.

The proposal attempts to define a residential complex that responds to the environment and enhances the characteristics of the plot within the limits set by the Detailed Study of plots 1 and 2 of UE2 135/2019/01573, APE 16.01, approved on February 22, 2022.

Each plot will have its own design but with common elements. They’ll integrate into their surroundings and generate large open garden spaces. The apartments open to the outside through terraces and large windows.

On plot 1, the project is made up of three blocks staggering in height, adapting to the existing topography and marked by the adjacent roads.

The implementation of the proposed buildings allows for large, free, and green spaces where different common facilities are proposed. The central space will accommodate the outdoor pool and the garden area. It also has an indoor pool, gym, and a gastrotheque.

On plot 2, the project is composed of two isolated blocks of 8 heights responding to the movement area proposed in the Detailed Study. Also, an attempt has been made to expand the central space as much as possible for common areas to improve natural lighting.

On the Basement 1 level, there’s a sunken courtyard that gives access to the different community services such as a gastropub, gym, and outdoor pool. This patio is finished off on its perimeter with terraced greenery that allows the urbanization level to be recovered and constitutes the heart and soul of the development where the greatest activity of the urbanization is concentrated.


localizacion Madrid
extension 34,270 m2
fecha 2025