Factory-built modular homes are the present and the future. Estudio Lamela has carried out a wide variety of projects, especially for the developer AEDAS Homes, which shows the boom in an affordable way of building which, in addition, requires a shorter delivery time, adapts to personal needs and can even be move.

Industrialized architecture is a flexible and efficient system. It costs less than traditional construction but meets equal standards. Production takes place in factories with specialized machinery and personnel. In this manner, the building and its components are always protected from harsh weather and dirt and waste generated by traditional building methods.

Industrialized housing is appointed every day as a solution for those looking for their first or second homes. Its architecture is based on linear planes, very contained in form, very octagonal (with right angles) and of enormous design quality. From a formal perspective, they’re well-executed, interesting and functional and come with endless design possibilities.

Estudio Lamela has been employing this construction technique for years and signs a wide variety of proposals, especially for AEDAS Homes.

In Madrid, there are several housing projects that use this technology. In Cañaveral (Etheria), Estudio Lamela designs 41 single-family homes with three and four bedrooms with large common areas. The houses are distributed on the ground floor, first floor and basement, with three full bathrooms, large living room and front- and rear gardens. The complex also has swimming pools for adults and children and a solarium. In this case, the architecture is more conventional compared to the (Tinné) proposal that’s being developed in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), as it responds to a program of exclusive homes with an avant-garde image with large flights of stairs and flared façades. It has 14 houses, each with four bedrooms, large terraces, a private pool, two parking spaces, and a large area of ​​300 square meters.

Buyers of industrialized houses benefit from some of the advantages of this type of construction. For example, delivery-time reduction by more than 60% compared to the conventional building method. In fact, on average, an industrialized single-family home can be built in three months.

In all these types of buildings, the client and the developer can choose the quality of materials. And thinking about the developer, the investment is minimal as the sale base is a pilot house and the rest of the disbursement is made when there is a buyer. In the end, it is an à-la-carte system; on request, to be executed very quickly, since the assembly plans are minimal.

But industrialized architecture not only shortens construction times, but it also “travels” very well. And it does so in various ways: The house can be dismantled and relocated, and, for example, expanded in size depending on the owners’ needs. It also “travels” geographically.

In Mallorca, the Eneida development consists of 16 houses, each with a swimming pool, in Puig de Ros (in the Lluchmajor municipality), just 20 minutes from the city of Mallorca and close to an area of ​​impressive cliffs. In the chalets, Mediterranean light predominates: On two volumes, large windows and wide spaces connected with the open areas have been planned. The living room (up to 30 square meters) opens onto the garden (200 square meters), extending both one and the other.


localizacion Madrid-Mallorca (España)
cliente AEDAS Homes
fecha 2018-2020