July 18, 2019 12:21 pm

Antonio Banderas sponsors the towers designed by Estudio Lamela in Málaga

“It’s the best project that has been presented in the history of Malaga.” This was the reflection of Pedro Rodríguez, founder and president of the developer Sierra Blanca, during the presentation of Málaga Towers. Three large towers, 213 luxury residences that will transform the city. The towers, designed by Estudio Lamela, will be located next to the Antonio Banderas promenade and have the actor from Málaga as his promotional image, both inside and abroad of Spain.

In the presentation ceremony, Banderas recalled that “when I was a child I came here and there was nothing, but I have always dreamed Málaga and I love seeing, knowing, participating and helping people who can turn dreams into reality”. He added: “This project is beautiful, sustainable and contributes to the city.”

It’s about the vindication of a job and a way of understanding what Málaga means and what an urbanization of this transcendence entails. “We are not aware of the importance of everything that has been done in this city. So much so that it has become one of the major global references in medium-sized cities in terms of urban change over the last 15 years. This is the most important project on the coastline of the entire peninsula, including Portugal,” said Carlos Lamela, president of Estudio Lamela.

Metrovacesa is marketing the first of the towers, which has 69 residences and more than 30% of the units have already been sold. It’s the beginning of a commitment in time. “Our purpose is to stay several years in Málaga to change the city,” said Jorge Pérez de Leza, CEO of the developer. Because the opportunity is there. “Living in Málaga is already a privilege and a luxury, but luxury could become an industry,” said Antonio Banderas.


Antonio Banderas sponsors the towers designed by Estudio Lamela in Málaga