At Estudio Lamela, we take on the challenges of the 21st century and design offices that adapt to the moment and meet the user's demands, applying a methodology based on environmental analysis and the study of integrated solutions.

Offices of the 21st century are designed towards the goal of sustainability. In a time of climate crisis, material- and resource consumption and management must consider their environmental impact. To design a bioclimatic, sustainable, and energy-efficient building, we use a methodology based on environmental analysis, studies on integrated solutions, energy demand reductions, renewable energy incorporation, and zero-energy consumption of the building.

Our work method implements the acquisition of environmental certificates such as LEED or BREEAM to ensure that the project is built following performance expectations. It also makes use of other tools that permit precise planning, energy modeling, and multidisciplinary coordination such as the #BIM methodology.

We’re living a paradigm shift in workspaces today. We’re moving towards the proliferation of co-working spaces where communication is enriched and where ideas and experiences are more easily exchanged.

At Estudio Lamela, we embrace these challenges and strive to ensure that our offices adapt to present needs and meet the demands of the user with friendly materials, calm-inducing lighting and open designs, where the worker is always in the center of the dialogue.

Habla con Rebeca SánchezOffice Sector Head
Rebeca SánchezOffice Sector Head
Madrid, Spain
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