July 12, 2018 4:48 am

The recently completed “Discovery Building” achieves the maximum sustainability certification: LEED Platinum

Located in one of the central axes of the capital’s business district, is a unique space defined by diaphanous and flexible levels where light management is the true protagonist. The building, of 10,000 m2, has been tailored to the specific needs of an environment that demands offices of superior quality yet with limited means. As such, the office building adapts to the precise specifications of each tenant. This has resulted in a design that could easily divide each floor into four sections where every floor can be directly accessed through the elevators.

It is a building created by people and designed for people who care about the details of the interior as much as the exterior. The North façade shows its personality through the large eaves that protrude from the glass perimeter. So much so that they move to their own rhythm: horizontally every two floors, vertically, and along the border to form the different sectors. These elements draw a distinct image of the Discovery Building.

The design of the South façade is innovative as it had to coexist in balance with a predominantly residential courtyard. The solution is a double-skin façade: firstly, a glass interior against a curtain wall, and secondly, another exterior traced by a lattice of horizontal slats. The building’s enclosure to the courtyard is subtle. It has a solar protection system which was conveniently studied for its orientation while considering the constraints of the open views.

The commitment to energy efficiency is deep. “Discovery Building” is LEED-NC Platinum certified. This certificate guarantees it’s been built with the highest sustainability criteria. This entails the selection of materials, the construction processes as well as the decisions made regarding the consumption of natural and energy resources. Also, it has the energy qualifications A and A+, the latter granted by the Spanish Association of Offices (AEO).

The recently completed “Discovery Building” achieves the maximum sustainability certification: LEED Platinum