A unique space defined by its light management: this is the identity of an innovative office building, modular and covered by a façade of double layers of glass and horizontal slats.

“Discovery Building” was a challenge from the start. The goal was to maximize the work space with a compelling proposal of transparency and elegance in the transitional area of the building. The soul of our proposal lies in the total liberation of the building’s central area by dividing the elevator areas into two parts and locating them on the opposite far ends of the building.

In an attractive and sleek manner, this transparency can easily be seen on the building’s main façade where it projects what its interior has to offer. The façade isn’t merely a glass plane but it’s also a powerful and full-bodied element that resolves the issue of cleaning and maintenance through well-researched exterior walkways. This façade, which is quite noticeable from Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, becomes a reference of the building.

The building’s enclosure to the courtyard is subtle. It has a solar protection system which was conveniently studied for its orientation while considering the constraints of the open views. The rooftop terrace can be used as a place to unwind, and as it’s a part of the façade, it has landscaped areas and adequately protected facilities.

The main entry is a joyful surprise that leads into a lobby whose design is carefully thought through where a creative dialogue exists between the treated walls and a series of artwork, giving it a character of its own.

The parking area that encompasses 100 slots is treated with equal relevance and great dedication. Different wall colors are used throughout the different levels for distinction and the signage used throughout has been carefully chosen.

The commitment to energy efficiency is deep. “Discovery Building” is LEED-NC Platinum certified. This certificate guarantees it’s been built with the highest sustainability criteria. This entails the selection of materials, the construction processes as well as the decisions made regarding the consumption of natural and energy resources. Also, it has the energy qualifications A and A+, the latter granted by the Spanish Association of Offices (AEO).


localizacion Madrid - Spain
cliente Cononial Group
extension 15.194 m2
coste 14,100,000 €
fecha 2015 - 2017