The building stands like an imposing display window. The plated double skin above the highway gives its interior ample space for a garden. The north façade seeks velocity; the south, openness.

The conception of the project comes from its adaptation to its strategic location next to the M-40. The building stands like a huge shop window, exhibiting itself to the passing torrent of vehicles. The double skin is seen as a large screen onto the motorway, which contains within a large space-garden in which are arranged unusual access walkways which house the vertical communication cores. The north façade looks for exposure to the dynamic movement of the city, to speed. The south façade looks for openness, with its arms open to the visitor, and paused movement. This singular solution increases the feeling of a monumental structure and the building becomes the main feature of its surroundings.


localizacion Madrid - Spain
cliente EBROSA
extension 14,300 m2 aboveground and 7,200 m2 underground
coste 19,500,000 €
fecha 2006 - 2009