The intervention consists of the refurbishment of the whole complex of ‘multi-pavilion buildings’ created for the International Exposition of Zaragoza 2008 (Spain).

The project is carried out on the original created by the engineers IDOM after winning a public tender. It consists of the refurbishment of the whole complex of “multi-pavilion buildings” in a large business park which has become the largest in Spain. The project distinguishes between 3 sub-groups with pre-existing forms which had to be maintained: the Ronda buildings — more linear in shape, but with undulating facades, the Ebro buildings — shaped like a water droplet,  and the Actur buildings. In all buildings, there are plans for intermediate floors to allow passage from two levels at a height of eight meters to four at four meters. There is also a “surgical” type operation to open spaces and relocate cores necessary for office use.


localizacion Zaragoza - Spain
cliente Sociedad Estatal Expo Zaragoza Empresarial
extension 164.200 m2
coste 85,000,000 €
fecha 2008 - 2013