Two office areas that communicate through a central space, linking the three heights of the building. A project, located in Madrid, that takes full advantage of the sun, flexibility of use and rationalization in distributions. An exercise of precision. An oasis.

The design was based on three points: an optimum use of the site, a flexibility of possible uses and a rationality in the circulation systems. These aims were coordinated with the conservation of the most valuable trees on the site and the creation of a garden that surrounds the work areas with a peaceful natural environ-ment. The entry areas belong to the garden in the summer and to the building in the winter, always seeking out the best ambient conditions.

LThe garage floors are distributed in two basements. The design of the upper floors proceeds from the central location of the vertical circulation core and the bathrooms, freeing the facades for twelve diaphanous office areas, which can be used by one or more entities. The complex is integrated with the sur-roundings within a glazed volume containing two separate office areas connected by a central space that rises the full three floors of the building. Powerful horizontal louvers protect the building and extend beyond it, almost completely encircling its perimeter. The space between the modules emphasizes the ambiguity between interior and exterior. The stairs are located in this inter-mediate space, and the elevators move between facades. Together with the trees, the glass and the steel, finely interwoven, they create an architectonic play that blurs the limits of the build-ing and impedes its immediate reading as a solid volume.

Acentral street, open towards possible light and natural ventila-tion, creates generous views from all the work stations. In this way, a sunlit, dynamic, and pleasant space is created which becomes the central spine of the building, introducing into every-day life a new and more ecological working landscape.



localizacion Madrid-España
cliente Comasa y CM Corporate Investment
extension 7.482 m214.412 m2
coste 5-7 millions €
fecha 2002-2004