This development, which has involved the creation of a new train station in Loiola (Guipúzcoa, Spain), is dominated by the concept of integration. The station and the road infrastructure are designed in a single volume.

The project involved the development of a new train station in Loiola, a point on the San Sebastian-Hendaye line. The project included the partial removal of the existing slope on which the current track was supported by a viaduct with two tracks. The station was maintained in the original position over part of the slope. The bridge that passed over the river Urumea was modified, which reformed it and completed its surface to accommodate the second track.

Furthermore, in constructing a new station, a renewal and regeneration of the existing residual urban space was sought. The project was centered on the citizens feeling comfortable about making the rail infrastructure into an urban element perfectly coupled to the environment, rather than considering it as a barrier.


localizacion Loiola (Guipúzcoa) - Spain
cliente Euskal Trenbidesarea
extension 3.000 m2
coste 10,400,000 €
fecha 2010