The operation consists of a complete transformation of a building of the 1980’s along Vía de los Poblados in Madrid, giving it a new architectural and functional identity.

The building had been the headquarters of BBVA and Duro Felguera.

One of the project’s main improvements was the innovative transformation of the building’s façade, clad in a modern and emblematic design. This new avant-garde aspect gives it a renewed image, making it stand out among the nearby office buildings.

In addition to the aesthetic renovation, substantial improvements have been implemented in the building’s outdoor area. The landscaping includes garden areas and rest spaces, providing a pleasant and sustainable environment for the building’s occupants and visitors. Another of the project’s improvements is the opening of an interior patio, which not only provides light to the offices, but also allows the integration of vegetation, creating a cozy and natural interior environment.

Inside the building, a complete remodeling has been executed so the spaces adapt to the needs of the current market. The offices, lobbies, corridors, storage rooms, and facilities have been renovated, creating a modern and functional environment.


localizacion Madrid
cliente Arima Real Estate
extension 23,700 m2
fecha 2023