February 6, 2023 10:42 am

The housing development in Majadahonda “Qian” is completed

Builder: Arpada

It’s a development of 210 homes spread over 8 blocks.

The most remarkable aspect to to this housing development is that the houses are configured in a large free space instead of responding to the typically closed block arrangement where homes typically form an interior space.

The attentive landscaping designed by LiquidAmbar brings a great personality to the complex.

The common areas have multiple subsidies – wine cellar, gastro bar, playroom, large gym, outdoor- and indoor pool with jacuzzi, perimetral running track, two paddle courts, bio-healthy equipment, etc. It even has a parking lot for loading and unloading delivery vans with a Courier box to deposit packages.

The indoor pool is powered by vacuum tube solar panels. There’s also a photovoltaic pergola for backup sanitary hot water generation.

The project has acquired the BREEAM sustainability certification.

The housing development in Majadahonda “Qian” is completed