July 15, 2021 1:14 pm

Carlos Lamela celebrates its 40th anniversary as architect

Last Friday I had the pleasure of celebrating with my colleagues of Estudio Lamela the fulfillment of my 40 years as architect (it began exactly on July 10, back in 1981).

Estudio Lamela was founded in 1954 by my father, Antonio Lamela. We have tried to preserve a constant “editorial line”, giving priority to seriousness, a job well done, professionalism, commitment  to the client and to society, but also innovating constantly. I am just a link in the chain, where I assume my role as the leader of the organization, but the success come from the extraordinary team we have always had, both professionally and humanly. I am very proud of having been able to count on so many talented professionals throughout our history, many hundreds who have given their best to the Firm.

As I usually say, my father made the bicycle from scratch, which was the hardest part. I limited myself to keep pedaling, a lot, with energy…

I really hope to continue pedaling for another 40 years!

Carlos Lamela celebrates its 40th anniversary as architect