July 30, 2021 12:52 pm

Construction begins on Sanabria I single-family homes (Madrid)

Construction has begun on Sanabria I, a development designed by Estudio Lamela. These are single-family homes in Villanueva del Pardillo (Madrid), characterized by their clean and forceful volumes. Strategically located on the middle course of the Guadarrama River, with views of the Madrid mountains, they respond to the increasingly demanded concept of the “15-minute city”, i.e., that in that time, whether on foot, by bicycle or using public transport, schools, pharmacies, basic social services and even, on some occasions, work can be reached.

The development designed for AEDAS Homes by Estudio Lamela will be delivered in 2023 and sales already reach 50%. It is distributed in 28 semi-detached homes with three, four and five bedrooms spread over three floors. This structure provides ample interior and exterior spaces, large windows that provide natural light and cross ventilation. The surface areas vary between 250 and 270 square meters, and include a private garden, two parking spaces and a multipurpose space.

Sustainability is present throughout the development. Sanabria I has the highest energy rating: A. It has underfloor heating, with temperature control by room, and double-flow ventilation, which guarantees the filtering of the air circulating through the house.

Construction begins on Sanabria I single-family homes (Madrid)