October 11, 2021 10:22 am

Carlos Lamela in the exhibition ‘Manos de la Arquitectura’

Coinciding with 5 October—World Architecture Day—the firm Consentino Group inaugurated at the Consentino City Madrid headquarters the photography exhibition Manos de la Arquitectura (Hands of Architecture), curated by the photography magazine Fearless and conceptualised by the Asturian artist Juan Carlos Vega.

The show is designed as an itinerant discourse featuring different figures from the fields of architecture, design and construction. These hands, symbolising creativity, include such leading names in architecture as Alberto Campo Baeza, Rafael Moneo, Rafael de La-Hoz, Carlos Rubio, Emilio Tuñón and Cristina Chaves Galán. There is also space for construction, such as the engineer Enrique López Granados or the businessmen and designers Javier Segovia, Jacobo Ventura and Alejandro Gandía-Blasco.

The exhibition shows Carlos Lamela holding a model of the Canalejas Centre (Madrid), one of the most ambitious remodelling works undertaken in Europe in the last decade.

After a month in Madrid, in November the exhibition will be shown at Consentino City Barcelona and in December at Consentino City Miami, as part of the Art Basel Miami art fair.

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Carlos Lamela in the exhibition ‘Manos de la Arquitectura’