September 26, 2022 10:36 am

Centro Canalejas Madrid obtains the LEED Gold certification, which rewards its commitment to sustainability

Centro Canalejas Madrid, an architectural complex designed by Estudio Lamela, has obtained one of the highest energy efficiency certifications.

The work carried out to recover and transform the seven historic buildings that make up this complex of a hotel, apartments, and retail area has granted Centro Canalejas Madrid the international LEED Gold certification, awarded by the prestigious US Green Building Council.

This recognition values ​​the environmental design as well as the energy efficiency criteria applied during the construction process and subsequent use.

Specifically, the project has followed the LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations (LEED-NC) program for new buildings or major renovations, which assesses efficiency both in the architecture and technical installations project phase and in the construction, commissioning, and use.

An example of this is the roof, where the ventilation and cooling systems are located, and on which a layer of sedum has been spread (a group of plant species that covers a large part of the roof surface) whose maintenance is minimal, and simultaneously, emits a significant amount of oxygen and that constitutes one of the requirements demanded by USGBC.

This certificate also recognizes the use of alternative energies (geothermal), the improvement of indoor environmental quality, the efficiency of water consumption, the sustainable development of the free spaces of the plot, the treatment of wastewater, and the selection of materials (proximity materials to reduce carbon footprint).

Added to this is that, during the project design process, the BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology has been followed, incorporating the new collaborative tools in the development and management of the project that has a positive impact in terms of sustainability, due to the achievement of cost optimization and responsible use of material resources.

Centro Canalejas Madrid grants a unique identity to the city of Madrid and the environment in which it’s located, at the junction of Seville and Alcalá streets, Carrera de San Jerónimo, and the Plaza de Canalejas.

Estudio Lamela has been responsible for the architectural design and OHLA for the construction and promotion of the complex that houses a Four Seasons Hotel, the first of the hotel chain in the country; 22 high-level residences, pioneers for having hotel services; a commercial space, Galería Canalejas; the popular gourmet space Food Hall, and a car park with capacity for 400 spaces.

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Centro Canalejas Madrid obtains the LEED Gold certification, which rewards its commitment to sustainability