October 6, 2022 8:18 am

Estudio Lamela wins the bid for the construction project of the Third Hospital of Málaga

The Andalusian Government formalizes the award of the construction project for the Third Hospital of Málaga to Malaka NHM, the joint venture formed by Estudio Lamela, AIDHOS Arquitec, SENER, and ARCS Estudios.

The chosen project stands out for the development of corrective measures against the noise condition and its impact, for the implementation of design principles and improvements aimed at the humanization of spaces, and for compliance with requirements for sustainability, energy, and economic adequacy.

The new complex will involve an estimated investment of € 380 million and will have a total built area of 270,300 sqm. It consists of four towers that will rise on a five-story base.

A total of 15 floors will be built, 12 above ground and three basements. The hospitalization area, which occupies 8 floors, will have 27 hospitalization units, 810 rooms, and a day hospital with 108 posts, as well as four ICU units with 66 boxes, 42 operating rooms, 48 outpatient major surgery posts, 189 outpatient clinics, 31 special examination rooms, and a teaching and research area.

The cornerstones of the design are the flexibility and versatility of the spaces, the primacy of natural light, and the ease of circulation. It is a bioclimatic and efficient building that meets the strictest sustainability criteria.

A friendly and approachable architecture has been created, without sacrificing the objective of providing the new hospital with architectural representativeness and uniqueness through a powerful and modern image. The specific characteristics of Malaga in terms of climate, luminosity, and vegetation have been taken into account while designing a building that is protected but at the same time open and permeable, in which the vegetation enters the interior spaces and these, in turn, expand outwards, blurring the interior/exterior boundary.

The hospital center will be state-of-the-art, with highly-integrated information and communication technologies and complete digitalization. The hospital responds to a new, more personalized medicine with a strong presence of research. The proposal incorporates a public square, which includes commercial and restaurant spaces.

The experience accumulated by the different companies of the joint venture guarantees that the infrastructure will be an efficient, innovative, sustainable building equipped with the necessary technologies to offer the patient maximum comfort.

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Estudio Lamela wins the bid for the construction project of the Third Hospital of Málaga