September 7, 2022 9:42 am

HOSPITAL BUILDINGS: Health and Wellness

Estudio Lamela presents “Healthcare: for health and well-being“, which includes five Spanish and international projects related to healthcare.

The brochure presents the Reina Sofia Foundation Alzheimer Center, a multidisciplinary building for outpatients located in Vallecas which was completed in 2006, and the Luis Chicho Fábrega Hospital (2015) located in Veraguas, Panama, which is structured around three traffic lanes.

More recently, The Third Hospital of Málaga, which is in the development phase and whose construction work will soon commence, responds to a new, more personalized medicine and that has a strong research presence.

Among the unbuilt hospital projects are the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, which proposes the use of architecture as a therapeutic element, and the Swiss Riviera-Chablais Hospital in Rennaz which stands out for its flexible and modular structure.

In designing hospital buildings, Estudio Lamela seeks the idea of ​​a ‘bioclimatic and sustainable hospital’: employing materials with low embodied energy, responsible water use, reduction in energy demand, integration of sunlight, and optimization of facilities to improve overall energy efficiency.

Architecture that’s friendly and close by is also pursued, with flexible and versatile spaces and ease of circulation, in which natural light dominates.

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HOSPITAL BUILDINGS: Health and Wellness