June 3, 2022 12:44 pm

The Galería Canalejas in Madrid opens its doors today

Today, the Galería Canalejas (Canalejas Gallery) in Madrid opens its doors, a commercial area of 15,000 m2 distributed over three floors, of which 4,000 m2 is already occupied by 13 restaurants. The rest of the space is destined for boutiques of some famous international brands of fashion, beauty, and accessories.

The Galería Canalejas, which used to be the Banco Hispano Americano (1901), forms part of the Centro Canalejas, which also houses Spain’s very first Four Seasons Hotel.

The gallery contains some parts of the 17,000 ornamental pieces that have been meticulously restored and replaced in the building. That’s the case of the Art Deco stained glass window which was originally present in the service area of Banco Zaragozano, which is currently placed in the central atrium of the Galería Canalejas; the original historical mailbox signed by Juan José García for the Banco Español de Crédito (1920); and the great 19-ton vault door.

Galería Canalejas will be Madrid’s new “golden mile” of luxury.

The Galería Canalejas in Madrid opens its doors today