A construction defined by its U-form that redeems the memories of the courtyard buildings of the Spanish culture, defines the headquarters of the agricultural machinery company John Deere.

The geometry of the U-shaped building is an attempt to evoke the buildings with courtyards of Spanish culture, in which everything revolves around one function, in this case the agricultural machinery products of John Deere. It is closed to the outside — to the city and the road — showing its more public façade and suggesting movement with its roof and non-orthogonal façade plans. About the U-shape (outside-inside) there are also three levels of approximation: a distant one, that of the city, another intermediate one, that of the movement of vehicles, and a third level (the one closest to the building) which is framed by the geometry of the paving and the emerging volumetry of the structure itself.


localizacion Madrid - Spain
cliente John Deere
extension 4,200 m2 aboveground and 1,100 sqm underground
coste 8,000,000 €
fecha 2006-2009