Located along Paseo Marítimo, with its façade’s back against the Marqués de la Cenia Street and magnificent views over the bay and the city, it was considered worthwhile to create two general entrances for the La Caleta complex from both streets.

Due to the differences in level of the terrain, the architectural approach was analogous to that of the Sol building, although with very different proportions due to the form of the site and its topography.

The lower block, which had more architectonic importance than the upper block, had a façade on the Paseo Marítimo and was covered with a terrace garden, swimming pool, and leisure area. It consisted of a lower commercial level and six floors of apartments, which were accessed through a horizontal distribution of open rear interior galleries.

The upper block of six floors of apartments was partially supported by the lower block through free-standing columns of exposed concrete with horizontal banding, and of great slenderness, which permitted magnificent views from the lobby and the communal terrace.

The materials employed in the treatment of the façade and the plantings were the same as those in similar buildings in Palma, introducing the variation of galvanized folded steel sheeting, specially treated for high resistance to the aggressive seaside climate.


localizacion Palma de Mallorca - Spain
cliente José Meliá Sinisterra
fecha 1961 - 1964