This project consists of 168 apartments in Warsaw (Poland). It’s very special because its structure is pronounced by twin buildings linked by an access floor with a rooftop garden.

The Project is located in downtown Warsaw, between Panska and Prosta Streets. The project consists of twin buildings divided by an extension of Miedziana Street. Each building consists of two wings connected with a one-story entry hall with a rooftop garden. The wings of both buildings differ in height: The wings facing Panska Street are lower (by 20 m) and have sloped steel roofs – which results from zoning conditions, while the wings facing Prosta Street are higher (by 30 m) and its last two floors are recessed creating penthouse–type apartments.

The vertical communication in each building is resolved by four staircases and elevator cores which connect apartment floors and offices with an entrance hall and an underground parking. The façades of the ground floors and penthouses of both buildings are cladded with metal panels, while the rest is cladded with sandstone. The design of the façades is a modern interpretation of Warsaw’s housing style of the 30’s.

Most of the 168 apartments are equipped with loggias. The line of ground floor façade from Panska Street is recessed, creating a shaded arcade along the row of commercial premises.


localizacion Warsaw - Poland
cliente Acciona
extension 23,000 m2 aboveground and 8,000 m2 underground
coste 28,400,000 €
fecha 2006