Flexibility, versatility in the spaces, natural light and ease of circulation give meaning to a bioclimatic building that responds to a more personalized medicine and a place for research.

The Complex consists of four towers which will be built on a five-storey base. The cornerstones of the design are the flexibility and versatility of the spaces, the primacy of natural light and the ease of circulation. It is a bioclimatic and efficient building that meets the most exacting criteria of sustainability.

A friendly and approachable architecture has been created, without sacrificing the objective of giving the new hospital a representative yet unique architectural character through a powerful and modern image. The specific characteristics of Malaga in terms of climate, luminosity and vegetation have been taken into account, resulting in a building that is protected but at the same time open and permeable, in which the vegetation enters the interior spaces and these, in turn, expand outwards, blurring the interior-exterior boundary.

The health centre will be state-of-the-art, with highly-integrated information and communication technologies and complete digitalisation.

The hospital with provide a new, more personalised approach to medicine with a strong focus on research.

The design incorporates a public square that will contain commercial and restaurant spaces.


localizacion Malaga-España
cliente Andalusian Health Service. Regional Government of Andalusia
extension 270.000 m2
coste 375 millones €
fecha 2021-Actualidad