The space created for Roca, a company of sanitary products, integrates its products with the experience of passing through a venue where the visitor interacts with art and water.

The action taken on these premises started from the need to create an exhibition space which integrated the direct relationship with the products of the well-known firm and the sensation of moving through an interactive and participative space of art.

The pursuit was also a relationship with the workspace on the upper level, as well as giving the space a multi-functional area which encouraged direct dealing with the customer and allowing product presentations to be offered and events to be held.

It was all about enticing spaces, wrapped in elements which allowed glimpses of the pieces on show and invited its customers to sample the most innovative elements by actively participating in the relationship with water.


localizacion Madrid - Spain
cliente Roca Sanitario
extension 1.500 m2
coste 700,000 €
fecha 2006 - 2009