Generali Headquarters (under construction)

This is a complete rehabilitation along Orense street in Madrid of a building by the architects Genaro Alas and Pedro Casariego constructed in the 70s.

The project proposes to recover the essence of the buildings by restoring the characteristic concrete beam that lines the ground floor façade while proposing a comprehensive renovation of the upper façades by incorporating a curtain wall with hidden profiles and some inverted L-shaped metal ribs, placed in a staggered pattern. The building is extended with two new floors in the central area to take advantage of the remaining buildability on the plot, which is set back and finished off with a large cantilever that crowns the building.

The project also incorporates landscaped terraces on different floors, freeing them from facilities for the employees to enjoy.

In commitment to sustainability, the building’s new design increases its energy efficiency through the renovation of facilities and the new thermal envelope. The quality of the interior office spaces also increases the users’ sense of well-being through improved thermal comfort, air quality, natural light, and acoustics, among others.

The intervention also affects the building’s urban area, where key elements that permeate the urban flow and substantially improve access are regenerated and revalued. The elimination of architectural barriers, the careful consideration of lighting, the selection of materials, and the incorporation of efficient landscaping are all fundamental pillars of the project.


localizacion Madrid - Spain
cliente Hermes S.L . Servicios Inmobiliarios y Generales
extension 35,000 m2
fecha Orense 4 – Dec 2022 / Orense 2 – Jul 2024