Views of the Mediterranean Sea, light, air, sustainability. Málaga Towers (Málaga) is an apartment project distributed throughout three towers that has the ambition to help build the image of the city. Façades with landscaped terraces on cantilever overhangs, water features and gardens draw a space of calm and tranquility.

  • Promoter: Sierra Blanca

Located in Málaga, Málaga Towers is an apartment project distributed throughout three towers with a single, unified image. The interiors of the apartments share the same design concept.

The apartments’ orientations and views to the sea are top priority; a diaphanous layout has been created that offers the living rooms and master bedrooms direct views to the sea.

Energetically speaking, cross ventilation through each apartment favors sustainability and energy efficiency in each apartment as well as in every tower. The volume of each tower creates movement on the façade with landscaped terraces on cantilever overhangs. These slabs help protect each apartment from the sun.

The ground floors are resolved by generous pergolas that are also connected to the underground levels. They create some interesting landscaped areas where alternate spaces and places to relax are comfortable and always surrounded by water features.

This will help create a visually pleasing environment by the main entrances to the towers, in addition to the overall positive impact it will have on the environment.

The different levels are interlaced to give off a unified look of a single space where the ground levels merge seamlessly with the lower levels to achieve a quiet place of great appeal.


localizacion Málaga-Spain
cliente Metrovacesa
extension 45.680 m2
fecha 2021