On a site occupying 89 percent of the block, a better and more up-to-date solution than that of the classic closed block of floors surrounding a central patio was proposed.

The complex is based on the idea of the total elimination of vehicles on the pedestrian level by allocating the Parking Lot underground. This concept allowed authentic living spaces to be created, in which leisure activities could be easily and pleasantly developed. The result was a block open to the public and a two-floored commercial center, taking advantage of the differences in level between the parallel streets.

Inside the complex, the architectural entities emerge without losing their individual character, but are rather harmonized and brought together by different terrace planes located on the upper levels which are transformed into gardens, walkways, and recreational spaces. The residential area is completely independent with and achievement of a perfect balance between needs and solutions at every scale. The apartments were designed with various programs and in a traditional way.

The notably intense expressiveness of the façades is derived from the aesthetic quality of the large prefabricated elements which were carefully designed and executed. The covering of the building was designed with a lattice that hid the rooftop’s mechanical equipment.

It was an interesting approach to the block’s transformation without reiterating the then common high-rise formulas, respecting the urban context and creating excellent living conditions.


localizacion Madrid - Spain
cliente Parque del Oeste S. A.
fecha 1966 - 1974