La Nogalera was the first large commercial, residential and tourist complex in the area, built on a site of 23,500 sqm. It was one of the most important real estate developments in Spain at the time, and the most important in Malaga, whose boom in tourism was just beginning.

The commercial and sports area was designed horizontally while the apartments were arranged vertically, beginning at 4 m above the level of the streets. The main idea was to transfer the gardens up to the roof of the commercial level to create leisure spaces with swimming pools and a mini-golf course. The restaurant, designed as a social club and gathering place, has a notable presence in the volumetric composition. Vehicular traffic on the street level was freed by raised pedestrian walkways at the level of the first floor.

The retail spaces were generically finished in natural wood to achieve uniformity, and were located on the lower level, on the perimeter of each lot along the length of the interior pedestrian streets, or covered galleries, with natural ventilation.

The residential area was distributed throughout six buildings, each with three entries: the main entry at the garden level, the service entry at the commercial level, and another entry in the garage. Large areas of terraces were designed for the 242 apartments with good exposure to sunlight with importance given to the location of the kitchens – all exterior with stunning views. The technical floor for mechanical equipment was a novelty at the time.

On the façades, the terraces’ white spandrels against dark backgrounds formed continuous bands of alternating colors.

The complex received the Gold Plaque for Touristic Merit, awarded by the Ministry of Information and Tourism in 1967.


localizacion Torremolinos (Málaga) - Spain
cliente Sr. Puerto Galiano
extension 23.500 m2
fecha 1961 - 1966

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