With a forum for 15,000 spectators and four fully-covered stands, the football stadium of Lublin (Poland) is characterized by its interior functionality and its subtle façade of horizontal slats.

The stadium has been built in an area where the old sugar factory in the city was located, a post-industrial zone that now requires rezoning for the project that includes, in addition to the stadium, two football pitches for training, a running track, parking and a new park on the banks of the Bystrzyca river.

With an area of 11,800 m2, the stadium supports a capacity of 15,000 spectators. It has a rectangular shape with four fully-covered stands. The design provides changing rooms, VIP rooms, a pressroom, a gym, a restaurant and catering area, a television broadcasting area and a shopping zone.

The stadium meets the UEFA and PZPN standards and has the highest rating awarded by the Polish Football Association.

The architecture of the football field is characterized by the strict interior functionality and a subtle façade of horizontal slats that are twisted to produce a suggestive visual effect that counteracts the high linearity of the building.

One of the characteristic aspects of the project is the location of the artificial lighting poles that, in order to obtain the minimum height needed for a perfect view for both live spectators and on TV, are placed on a foundation of four legs attached to the metal roof structure. These unique elements give the football stadium a technological air and crown the building.


localizacion Lublin - Poland
cliente Comunidad de Lublin
extension 11.812 m2
coste 30,100,000 €
fecha 2011 - 2014